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Meet the Undertakers
original artwork by Jessica Milar

TOM JEFFERSON (Age 17): As the Chief of the Undertakers, Tom leads the fight against the Corpses. Smart, strong and fiercely dedicated, Tom had sworn to fullfill the wishes of his mentor, the late Police Detective Karl Ritter - and WIN this war!
SHARYN JEFFERSON (Age 17): Tom's twin sister, Sharyn is the Undertaker's "general in the field". As the Boss of the "Angels" crew, Sharyn frequently finds herself in single combat with the walking dead, armed only with her amazing fighting skills and her mysterious sword "Vader".
WILL RITTER (Age 12): Will started out for school one morning to discover that his next door neighbor, his math teacher and his assistant prinicpal had become "zombies"! Now he's running for his life, and only the Undertakers can help him!
HELENE BOETTCHER (Age 13): A two-year member of the Undertakers, Helene is a "Schooler", a secret agent sent into middle schools to watch out for and rescue kids who suddenly get the "Sight". Helene's current mission: protect Will Ritter!
DAVE (THE BURGERMEISTER) BURGER (Age 15): Big, tough and strong, Dave Burger used to be something of a bully, until he started Seeing Corpses. Now, as an Undertakers recruit, the Burgermeister is about to find out what "tough" really means, Sharyn Jefferson-style.
STEVE MOSCOVA (Age 16): The "Q" of the Undertakers, Steve is the scientific genius tasked by Tom with investigating the Corpses and finding new ways to fight them. Every weapon in the Undertaker's unusual arsenal is his creation.
BURT MOSCOVA (Age 15): Steve's younger brother is more jock than genius, but he's become one of Sharyn's most trusted "Angels". A master of bike and skateboard, Bert is poetry in motion!
TARA MONROE (Age 16): The Boss of the "Monkeys" crew, Tara makes sure than the Angels' equipment is up to par. She also keeps the lights and heat on in "Haven", the Undertakers' hidden HQ. Tara lives by her Pop's advice to "be brave".
CHUCK BINELLI (Age 16): The "Cool Guy" of the Undertakers, Chuck is an experienced"Angel" and Sharyn's good right arm. He's ready to face down the Corpses in any situation - the more dangerous, the better!
AMY FILEWICZ (Age 11): The youngest recruit is small, slight and very frightened. Yet she harbors a terrible secret ... and has a future with the Undertakers that she can't even imagine.