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The Corpse Invasion

They started ariving in Philadelphia about three years ago. Now there are thousands of them, maybe tens of thousands.

We don't know where they came from. We don't know exactly what they want. They seem to crave power and influence and, when possible, they worm their way into leadership positions in government, schools, the police department, etc.

They have no pity, no mercy, no remorse, and they kill Undertakers ... like us ... on sight.

Each one pretends to be a human being and shows a normal face to the world. We don't yet understand how they do this, whether it's some kind of technology or some kind of telepathy, but even in photos and on T.V. they look normal to everyone --

-- everyone, that is, except Seers.

One of our members, Steve Moscova, has made it his mission to study these invaders. Here's some of what he's pieced together:

"Corpses are not the souls of the bodies they inhabit. The bodies are dead just the normal remains of normal people who normally died. The entities that we call 'Corpses' come in afterward. We don't know where they come from, but the best guess is another plane of existence what you might call another 'dimension.' Mind you, that's little more than a guess. Anyway, we've split the bodies they 'wear into five categories:"

"Type One Corpses are fresh, less than a week dead. These cadavers are stronger, more resistant to damage and, of course, last longer. The Corpses seem to take good care of these bodies, even going so far as embalming themselves if that hasn't already been done to body before they get a hold of it. That helps them to rot more slowly. Even so, Type One skin is often yellow with Jandice or purple from pooling blood."
"Type Two's are a week to three weeks dead. By now, the bacteria has started eating the soft tissues, releasing gases that cause the body to bloat up. The skin is usually a mottled gray. These Corpses are still strong, but they'll look fatter and slower than they really are. It's important to remember that. These guys are starting to stink."
"Type Three's are usually two weeks to a month old. The bloating's gone down, but their skin is turning black and has started to peel back, leaving big holes that bugs get into. There'll usually be a lot of maggots, which doesn't seem to bother the Corpses at all. But for us ... well, let's just say it's hard to fight when you're throwing up!"
"Type Four's tend to look flat because the gases and most of the fluids are gone. Five or six weeks dead, the body has started to mummify, which means that the skin gets tight flaky and starts falling off. Type Four's aren't very good in a fight, so the Corpse's mainly use them as non-combat spies. If they grab you, hit a joint hard and it might snap off. Just a tip."
"Type Five's are better than six weeks gone. They're little more than bones covered with skin like paper, held together by strings of decicated tissue. They can't fight at all. In fact, if they move too fast, they'll likely fall apart -- which is why the Corpses are usually looking to transfer to fresher body before then. We don't see too many Fives.